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In the beginning, there were ...

two friends, Kim and Kate ... with way too much time on their hands and over a glass of red wine, the idea of 'Cute As' came to life! They both have a wealth of knowledge and experience in raising children (and grand-children and foster children) of their own, they have an intuitive and senstive understanding children and their needs. 

Kate Ainsley


Kate is a Registered Psychologist and has a background in leadership and management in the health and community services, with a particular expertise working with children and young people, particularly in the field of child protection, child wellbeing and development.

Kate has a keen interest in sport and exercise and her interest in clothing and designing stems from this foundation – firstly as a cost saving venture and then the passion and interest grew from there! and in partnership with other gym and dance enthusiasts (Jodie and Kaye), this extended to designing and manufacturing dance and gymnastics wear for many years as a hobby with many of those products being worn by gymnasts at State, National and some International events.

Kim Davenport


Kim has worked in the textile industry for over 12 years including Elna for approx. 4 years as a rep in major department stores in Sydney and Wollongong.  Kim has also designed and made wedding dresses for many years before leaving the textile industry. Kim then went on to own and manager her own business as a Mercantile Agent for 7 years, building a wealth of experience in both business, legal and financial knowledge.  From there Kim became a part owner and the Administration Manager of a Forklift company, change of direction since then she has owned a café and run her husband’s Electrical Contracting business.

Kim was the Children’s Ministry Overseer at C3 Church Thirroul for 4 years where she ran the children’s program for four age groups and managed the volunteer staff for the Ministry.  Kim is married with two grown children, both of whom are married with their own children (3 each), she has 7 step children all grown and with children of their own, except one who has a dog. Kim has fostered children for over 10 years and has always had a ‘revolving door’ when it comes to strays coming to stay for indefinite periods of time.

Both Kim and Kate share a common struggle when raising their own children. Both experienced having a child with severe eczema and skin allergies to the point where ‘peeling’ the night clothes from their baby’s’ soft, delicate skin each morning was a common theme – it is truly a heart-breaking experience. From this experience and In combination with their passion for child wellbeing and helping young mums, the seed of ‘Cute As’ was sown. And as it germinated, the concept evolved to a specific and particular focus on quality products that were natural and organic that were gentle on baby’s sensitive skin but were also beautiful and stylish. Being proud Aussies, it wasn’t too difficult to take the next leg of journey to become an ethical and accredited ‘Australian Made’ company. That is, ‘Cute As’ meets the Australian Standards to use the ‘Australian Made’ logo for all of our ‘Cute As’ Designer Range products. In fact, all of the ‘Cute As’ designer range products are both Australian Made and 100% Organic Cotton – this is of significant importance! Please read our blog ‘what’s so great about organic cotton’. Of course, our designs have at the centre your baby’s comfort, and with soft and flexible fabrics ‘Cute As’ garments are easy to slip on and off, allowing easy access and minimal fuss for nappy changing.

 From Kim & Kate

We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping on our website, and any feedback on your experience is both welcome and valuable – our aim is to ensure your experience is positive. We recognise the importance of feedback, as we know this will help ‘Cute As’ grow and mature as a ‘gold standard’ producer of baby wear that meets your needs. All feedback is very welcome. We guarantee we will listen carefully.

Cute As® is a registered business and trademark.

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