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Nah, just kidding! but let's talk about what to dress your baby in … some ‘Cute As’ practical tips

How exciting as you approach the final days of carrying your baby bump to carrying your baby! As a new mum, you will have found it hard to resist the pull to the baby section of shops and the very cute and beautiful outfits. I recall as a new mum, I didn’t realise that in between regular feeds, nappy changes, washing, and other domestic bliss that during the ‘in betweens’, my baby did a lot of sleeping! Did you know that new babies can sleep up to 18 hours per day? So, whilst all those gorgeous outfits were trendy and cool, the practicalities of meeting the needs of baby was more often than not the deciding factor!

So, for our first tip (especially during the first 3 months or so), little ones’, just like us adults, will get a more fitful and restful sleep in clothing that is designed specifically for comfort and sleeping. We suggest that you have a good range of onesies or body suits for comfort – and for your convenience, snaps around the legs and crutch for easy of nappy changing (yes, there will be a lot of that!). Organic cotton is a perfect option as it is naturally soft and gentle on sensitive or hypoallergenic skin as it is free from toxins (all Cute As products are made from GOTS approved fabric).

Our second tip is about sizing. Did you know that your baby will grow faster in their first four months than any other time? By 12 months, they will have tripled their birth weight and grown approximately 20-25cm in height. Yes, you guessed it! They very quickly outgrow their clothes. We suggest that you try and resist buying clothes too far in advance as oftentimes baby never gets to wear them as they are the wrong size for the wrong season! And remember, it is about comfort, and as you would know, there is nothing pleasant about wearing clothing that is a bit too snug and restricting or too big and heavy. 

With that in mind, the rule of thumb when purchasing clothing is that height and weight (rather than age) is a better indicator of clothing size. Carefully check the sizing charts as they will vary from brand to brand and country to country. Below is a general guide:

Generic Size Chart

Our final tip, is to keep it simple! Having a baby is both an exhausting and wonderful experience. Don’t over complicate something that doesn’t need to be. A baby in comfortable and snug clothing that is soft on their sensitive skin is going to be more settled than a baby who is in clothing that is irritable on their skin. Think about organic cotton as the natural fibres are both soft and breathable which also helps regulate baby’s body temperature. All Cute As organic products are made with GOTS approved fabric (that is, they are produced free of toxins) and are gentle on sensitive skin.

Take care,

Kate & Kim

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