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"Sweating the Small Stuff!"

Kim and I can find lots of topics and points to disagree on, and do often! but we never disagree when it comes to baby's comfort, so when we design our clothes, of course, comfort is the most important factor … but comfort doesn’t need to be dull and boring! We want our products to not only feel great but look awesome as well. Of course, the pre-requisite for any designer is being passionate about style, fabric and design – and that’s what we are about! Kids really do just want to have fun, and how better to do that than in clothes that look awesome and are super soft on their skin! Here’s some of the details we consider …


Sizing always makes us laugh – my babies were tiny little people that were still wearing 00 and 0 when they were 18 months – 2 years of age, whilst Kim’s babies were at the other end of the sizing spectrum, starting in 00 as newborns – so we always keep in mind when designing that clothing is suitable for the larger as well as the small babies and toddlers. 

This can be quite tricky to get just right! Fortunately, our designers are very skilled and very experienced at what they do, and we are confident that our sizing across all our products are consistent – we probably err on the side of generous, so please consider this. 

There are some rules of thumb when selecting sizing – see our blog Sleeping in Stillettos!


We have talked about GOTS certified organic cotton, and can only reinforce the benefits of pesticide and chemical free fabric on your little one's delicate and sensitive skin. All Cute As Designer Range products are made with 100% organic cotton. Additionally, the majority of our products are made with knits which stretches and moves with babies and toddlers as they develop their gross motor skills - from rolling over to jumping and running! - our products move with them! Just be aware that some fabrics, such as heavy woven denim jeans whilst look trendy and cool, they are also heavy and restrict free and easy movement.

You can find out more on Organic vs non-Organic in our blog Why Should I Care?

Colours and Prints 

What works well together, what creates a story – take our owl collection for example, we tried many different colours until we landed with the cream edging and contrast and this is because the ‘star of the show’ were the owls and cream allowed them to ‘pop’. What we found with the darker contrast was the garments looked one-dimensional – that is, a bit flat and a but dull. We also considered the different colouring of babies and toddlers and want as many of our garments to suit most complexions.

When considering colours and prints, we choose small prints that are suitable for the age group (as well as being suitable for small clothes!) and because kids love colour, we choose brighter coloured fabrics that are fun and vibrant - just like their developing personalities as they explore their new world - kids really do just wanna have fun!

Wants and Needs:

This is an important aspect of designing and being able to transition to the concept to sketch and placement of detail – even down to the finest detail of where the labels are best placed – it may seem silly, but these things really do matter! Especially on baby and toddler wear, labels can irritate and annoy anyone, but especially a young child. Seriously, this is where you have to ‘sweat the small stuff’! Because the end-point is designing products that you, our valued customers, want in style and need in comfort. Remember that babies not only sleep up to 18 hours per day, but they can’t rearrange their clothing if that annoying label is sticking into their delicate skin!


It would be remiss not to consider pricing as part of the overall equation. Of course, we use the very best quality 100% GOTS certified organic fabric with all our designer products, and the investment in the quality of the products you purchase from us is a saving in the durability and wear from the garment. That said, we keep our prices affordable without compromising of ethics of quality. Remember that our vision and commitment is ‘Comfort by Design’!

We are keen to hear your feedback on our products or any suggestions you might have or would like to see – drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Yours in design

Kim & Kate


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