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Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!

When we set out on our journey of designing our own brand of baby and toddler clothing we put significant thought into what we wanted to achieve. Our focus was on three main points, being Comfort, Quality and Design. We searched the world for the best fabrics. And where we landed was in the land of GOTS!!! (Global Organic Textile Standards). In the end the answer was simple!

Let us share a little of our story

Both of us had babies with severe skin allergies and had we known what we know now about organic vs non-organic cotton we would have made different choices about the clothing we were dressing our babies in (and this would have had such a significant impact on their comfort and wellbeing) and it reminded us of how heartbreaking it was to see them in pain and discomfort.

Writing this blog brings to mind Kim’s daughter who was born with almost transparent white skin that was so so delicate (of course with her huge blue eyes she was adorable as you can imagine). At about 2 months of age she developed what was thought at the time to be severe cradle cap, only it turned out to be severe eczema which then spread across her whole body, and the sores would split and ooze to the extent that Kim would have to bathe her clothes off her every morning as they would stick to her skin.  

After countless hours of brainstorming, what it came down to was really this - how can we use our experiences, knowledge and better understanding of fabric to benefit others – not just those with skin allergies but all little one’s as they all have such delicate and sensitive skin. For more information on this, read our blog organic vs non-organic.

But there was more to it!

Now here comes the real passion!  Not only is it about the comfort, but it is also about the ‘look’! and after significant research and discussions with new mums, what we started to get a picture of was clothing that felt great, looked great, was non-restrictive (because kids are constantly on the move) that was age appropriate as well.

What also influenced our thinking was the greater awareness (and increasing trend) of children with sensory processing disorders – that is, where the processing of ‘tactile’ information from the body to the brain can be interpreted as unpleasant or threatening (that is, the clothing is scratchy, irritating and uncomfortable).

These were clear messages that we were receiving from our new generation of mums. So, it was with this in mind that our ‘comfort by design’ was conceived. 

But isn’t organic expensive?

Okay, good question! We wanted our products to be accessible and affordable to a broad range of new mums – we genuinely care about the comfort of your little ones. And we seriously consider this as an ethical approach to our business and how we cost our products. What we can assure you of is that we use top quality fabrics that are GOTS certified approved. See what's so great about organic cotton for more information on GOTS

And where you save money is in the quality and the durability of our products – remember that buying organic is an investment! It is longer lasting and remarkably grows softer with each wash … seriously, your little one will by easily out-grow our outfits and wraps long before there is any chance of them ‘wearing it out’ … and in the interim they will be comfortable and snug!

Our vision and our commitment is ‘Comfort by Design’ because what your little one wears ... does matter!

We invite you to visit our webpage and check out our products. Any queries, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We would love to hear from you.

Keeping it green and clean

Kim & Kate

Organic vs non-Organic – What’s the difference?

The simple answer is because GOTS Organic Cotton is better quality (softer, more durable – and seriously, you can feel the difference), it is produced in toxin free environments where labour is regulated in accordance with the International Labour Organisation standards, and it is better for the environment and the future of our planet. But let’s take a closer look ...

Quality of the Fibre

The length of the cotton fibre has a lot to do with the quality - the longer the fibre the softer the cotton. And the purity of the fibre is contingent on how it is picked (hand-picked or machine-picked). As Organic Cotton is hand-picked the fibres aren’t broken, resulting in both softer and durable products. Conversely, regular cotton is machine-picked resulting in shorter and damaged fibre which produces a poorer quality product.

Health and Wellbeing

Everything you wear that touches your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream (and for babies and toddlers their delicate skin is a thin barrier). Your regular cotton is the most pesticide intensive crop in the world! More than 25% of pesticides used in farming are used on cotton alone, and they include highly toxic insecticides and carcinogens.

GOTS certified Organic Cotton is grown in soil that has been chemical free for a minimum of three (3) years and the process of producing Organic Cotton is toxin free from field to factory. Be aware though that you can purchase Organic Cotton that is not GOTs certified, and sadly they are not certified because they have been contaminated through the use of toxic dyes and chemicals. Read more about GOTs (Global Organic Textile Standards) here.

Social and Ethical

Not only does GOTS relate to the quality of the fabric (ensuing compliance with standards such as no formaldehyde, no pesticides, no chlorine bleach), it also regulates ethical social standards – such as, no child labour, no animal cruelty, workers are paid a fair wage and have fair working condition – these and other key principles must be met by processors and manufacturers.  

Environmentally Friendly

GOTS certified Organic Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable! Did you know that up to 250ml (1 cup) of chemicals are typically used to produce just one single (non-organic) cotton t-shirt? As most cotton farmers are located near river catchments, the drainage and run-off into the rivers is having a significant impact on the eco-systems, as well as contaminating drinking water.

Feel free to browse our store and check out our Cute As Organic products that are made with GOTS certified Organic Cotton. All of our Cute As Designer range are not only made from GOTS certified Organic Cotton but are also made right here in Australia!

Keeping it clean and green

Kim & Kate

As we approach Australian Day weekend, it is anticipated that the temperatures will soar over 30oC across Oz, with crazy 37oC in Central and South Australia! Alongside the temperature, it is important to listen out for the UV index – and remember 11+ is ‘extreme’ – like today (22 January 2018), across the Nation the UV Index was rated at Extreme.

What exactly does the UV index mean, you ask? It is simply a way of describing UV radiation intensity. The higher the number the higher the danger. 

Check out the free SunSmart App which recommends what sun protection you require for your location (in real time) using forecast information from a range of source, including the Bureau of Meteorology.

Please, over this coming long weekend, remember to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP! 

Cancer Council Australia also recommends SunSmart App to check local UV levels and recommended sun protection. They further recommend, because babies and children’s skin is so delicate to cover as much of your little one’s skin as possible with loose fitting close (tight weave), wraps and wide brim or bucket style hats and apply sunscreen to any exposed skin. Cancer Council Australia recommends using sunscreen labelled ‘broad-spectrum, water-resistant and SPF30+ or above” (remember to check expiry date). For further information on different sunscreen options can be found Cancer Council Australia Shop.

And for a little extra protection for your little one, check out our Hooded Beach Poncho’s made with 100% Organic Terry Cotton that is both comfortable and breathable; and our range of Dozer and Millymook sun-hats – the majority are reversible, have chin cords (to keep them in place) and offer UPF50+ sun protection.

Take care,

Kate & Kim


The evolution of ‘fun in the sun’ is quite amazing from where we were back 40-50 years ago. We remember ‘back in the day’ when we’d spend the whole day out in the sun, come home scorched and wake up the next day to blistering peeling skin … kind of the norm back in the 70s and 80s.

Now, we have all sorts of rules … “no hat, no play, at school today”, and of course, for very good reason. The UV rays are damaging to the skin and eyes, and of course, is associated with skin cancer. And for those of us who are a little vain, up to 80% of fines lines and wrinkles are the result of UV damage.

During the Aussie summer months, did you know that skin can burn in as little as 11 minutes, and you may not realise that this can take days or even weeks to heal! Don’t be fooled, though – the sun doesn’t have to be ‘hot’ to be ‘harmful’, and this is because it is the sun’s UV radiation that is harmful.

Here at Cute As, we are really mindful of the sun and the damaging effects, particularly for little ones with their sensitive skin – we have both had our own children with not only sensitive and hypoallergenic skin, but also took out the trifecta of really pale skin! Keeping baby covered, but cool and comfortable was a challenge. 

I remember being at the beach with my 8-month-old baby in her stroller whilst my son was busy with nippers. I had the hood down on the stroller to cover her face … little did I realise that the reflection from the sand was burning her face which ended in her little face being badly burnt with painful blisters and lots of discomfort … of course, it didn’t help that the local pharmacist told me I should have known better!

As we are now right in the middle of a hot Aussie summer, it is important to remember to ‘SLIP SLOP SLAP’ and stay SunSmart – in fact, check out their website for some cool Apps, Widgets, resources and SunSmart advice.

We would like to introduce our ‘hooded beach ponchos’ that are made from 100% Organic French terry, which means it is light and soft on the skin, but is absorbent enough to keep your little one dry and warm. As with all organic fabrics, it is breathable and snug.

We also have a stylish and practical sun hat range from from Millymook and Dozer – a great accessory for the summer wardrobe.

Hope you have fun in the sun this summer – please remember to stay SunSmart and SunSafe.

Take Care

Kim & Kate

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