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Cotton is breathable!!!! That is, the air flows through the fibres allowing it to breath unlike its synthetic or oil-based nemesis! It is perfect for clothing worn close to the skin as its conductive properties keep the body cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Some of the benefits that are hard to pass up:

  • ‘Kids just wanna have fun!’ and cotton stands up to the dirt test again and again – it is both practical and durable, those little cotton fibres are pretty tough!
  • And after a hard day’s play, just throw them in the washing machine and your work is done! Cotton is one of the easiest fabrics to care for – just be sure to follow the care instructions for optimal results.
  • Being breathable means it doesn’t retain odours – so more wear, wash less (sounding pretty good to me!).
  • Cotton is not clingy! It is soft, absorbent and breathable and as it can’t hold an electric charge, your cotton clothes won’t cling or stick to you and irritate your skin. The absorbency of cotton keeps the moisture away from the skin. In fact, cotton is so absorbent it can hold up to 27 times its own weight in water!
  • Versatility is the key! Cotton can be woven or knitted into a whole range of fabrics such as chambray, lace, corduroy, jersey and terry, so no matter whether it is work, sleep or play – cotton has your back!

I reckon we have ‘cottoned on’ to something pretty cool here. In addition to these fantastic benefits, organic cotton offers even more – read all about it in our blog ‘what’s so great about organic cotton’.

Feel free to browse our store and check out our store and check out our 100% organic products.

Take care,

Kate & Kim

'Cute As' is very proud to announce the accreditation of our 'Cute As' Designer Range as meeting the Australian Made standards. That means, that we are accredited to use the Australian Made logo on our 'Cute As' Designer products, which means you can be 100% confident that our products have been designed and made right here in Australia.

Displaying the Australian Made logo is the best way to identify genuine Aussie products! The logo campaign was launched back in 1986 by the then Prime Minster Bob Hawke to encourage Australians to buy genuine Aussie products and in doing so reinvesting back into the Australian community and economy. The 'Australian Made' logo is now in its third decade and research has show that it is both universally recognised (98%) and trusted (89%).

You will find our products listed and approved on the Australian Made official website

Kim & Kate



Did you know that there are over 100 pests that attack the cotton plant? Farmers spray the crop with chemical pesticides to terminate the pests which then contaminates the cotton itself. BUT they get a better quality of cotton because it hasn’t been destroyed by the pests and they also get a higher yield making the pesticides an attractive and necessary evil.  The downside to this is that the cotton has chemicals in it, that’s correct, 100% cotton isn’t pure cotton. Some farmers use genetically modified cotton plants that have the pesticides in them that kill the pests as soon as they take a nibble.  Again, the downside is the cotton contains the pesticide.

Certified Organic farmers use natural means to control the pests.  The downside for the farmer is that they harvest less.  The farmer will spend most of their time and resources trying to naturally keep the crop pest free, if they don’t then the quality of the fibre suffers and the crop is of inferior quality.  This process is costly to the farmer and subsequently makes the organic cotton more expensive also. 

The reason the extra money is well spent when it comes to your baby is that most toxins are absorbed through our skin rather than ingested (baby’s skin is more sensitive and a lot thinner than an adults). Of course, that’s not to say that we don’t ingest them also, but the larger amount is through our skin.  

Buying Organic is an investment in not only the comfort of naturally soft cotton, but also in the wellbeing of your precious little one.

There has been an increase in eczema and skin allergies which could be attributed to the toxins we absorb through our skin. Harsh detergents including soaps as also contribute to skin allergies.

In buying organic clothing for your baby you are reducing the risk of skin allergies and unwelcome toxins being absorbed by your baby through their skin.

Till next time …

Kim & Kate

The word ‘cute’ originates from the English meaning of ‘acute’ or clever and over time this generalised to charming and attractive and always with the connotation of being small.

In America, during the 1920s and 1930s, the words ‘cute’ and ‘keen’ were overused slang words with the phrase ‘cute as a button’ evolving from that time period -  1930 ‘cute as a bug’s ear’; 1942 ‘cute as a bug in a rug’ and 1946 ‘cute as a button’ came into its own. The other school of through is that the phrase ‘button’ is not intended as a shirt button but rather a flower bud of small flowers such as bachelors button.

The English version is ‘bright as a button’, which makes sense during that time period of polished brass buttons. The phrase is only ever associated with small children.

Till next time …

Kim & Kate

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